Pigs are Hogging the GMO Show

When genetic engineering is mentioned, noble goals of feeding the world with more productive crops or curing terminal illnesses through gene therapy may come to mind. But some Chinese scientists recently embarked upon a less noble, although much cuter application: genetically edited pet micropigs. The Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in Shenzhen announced that it plans to […]

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Engineering Probiotics to Sense and Treat Gut Disease

A Conversation with Dr. David Riglar By Ryan L. Cross Inflammatory bowel disease affects over one million Americans and directly costs patients over six billion dollars a year. Current treatments manage the disease with variable success, and diagnosis requires invasive and sometimes inaccurate procedures like colonoscopies.  But David Riglar, a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard […]

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The Science of (Baking with) Sugar

“Sugar!” “Yes please!” Maroon 5’s sugar anthem rang loud and clear in the Harvard Science Center on Monday night for the third event in this semester’s Harvard Science and Cooking lecture series. This week’s topic: “The Science of Sugar.” When speaker Joanne Chang from Flour Bakery mentioned her book “Cooking with Less Sugar,” many audience members may have expected the […]

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Bringing Brontosaurus Back

Sometimes science gets a bad rap for changing its mind. First Pluto is a planet, and then it’s not.  Scientists and policy makers started by talking about “global warming,” but have since come to prefer the term “climate change.” And now the beloved long-necked dinosaur of our childhoods, Brontosaurus, has been redeemed and acknowledged as […]

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2014: The Science Year in Review

The rate of scientific progress is increasingly fast and near impossible to keep up with, even for those already well entrenched in the field. 2014 was a year, like many years, that had more than a few big science stories to tell. For example, synthetic biologists at the Scripps Research Institute created two novel nucleotides […]

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