Welcome to the blog of Ryan Cross the Science Boss!

I am a young science journalist, currently working towards my Master’s degree in Science Journalism at Boston University. Hailing from Fishers, Indiana, I earned my earned my Bachelor’s degrees in Neurobiology & Physiology as well as Genetics from Purdue University in West Lafayette back in 2014. I enjoy learning technical science, and have particular interests in neuropharmacology and genetic-based therapies. But what I really love doing is explaining the stories behind the science and its practical implications to other scientists, friends, and miscellaneous people that I meet in a quiet coffee house or boisterous Irish pub.

A year ago I did not even know that pursuing a career in science journalism was something I could actually do. I thought it was just something that fell into the hands of Ph.D.-holders who also happened to cultivate good communication skills on top of countless hours of laboratory research. And this was the path that I was taking. Through a discombobulated series of events, I have found myself in Boston, Massachusetts pursuing my dream of science writing and communication as a full-time endeavor. (Let’s be honest here, it is more than full-time, but I love it.)

While I do have a strong affinity towards the life sciences, I let my curiosity take me wherever it wants to go when pursuing and investigating different stories.

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