Ryan and Neural Science Textbook…to a place where you are allowed to be curious. Science is all about curiosity, innovation, asking the questions that challenge the status quo. Science is more than a mere collection of facts, it is about a search for truth, and is a way of viewing and explaining the world through an objective lens. Of course, science is conducted by scientists, who are people, and people are naturally highly unobjective creatures. This is why I seek to view scientific stories, progress, and current trends through a social lens. Solid science can turn rancid when conducted with subjective presuppositions, and sometimes even good science can be unintentionally biased merely by what topics are currently being heavily investigated (whether for political, economic, or otherwise personal reasons). Science may be about determining absolutes (or at least “the most likely”), but that doesn’t mean that new science itself cannot overturn currently accepted fact. Exploring scientific progress through its social implications is not only important, it is also entertaining, which should help me to impress its relevancy upon you. I believe that science can, and should be accessible to everyone. There are always levels of understanding of certain topics that are seemingly beyond one’s reach due to differences in education, and furthermore the time that it takes to educate oneself. However, this by no means excuses scientists from making efforts to better explain their science, to varied audiences, including expounding upon it to colleagues in their field, articulating it to the scientifically literate outside their field, and perhaps most importantly, examining its importance (and coolness) to everyone else who may not think much about science until its relevance (and awesomeness) is explained in a succinct and interesting manner. And that is what I seek to do. I hope that my writing is accessible to everyone, with just enough jargon to interest my scientific colleagues but not too much to bore or dissuade anyone else. My name is Ryan Cross, and I am ready to share with you the science that explains the universe and excites me daily. Let’s begin.


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